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purplemusic-B-ox's Profile Picture
Janae B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my page and thanks in advance for dropping by!
--I thought I'd tell a few things about me here! :aww:

:damphyr: Name: Janae B.
:damphyr: What you can call me: Janae, Yuri-chan
:damphyr: Age: 18
:damphyr: Type of artist: Self Taught. Digital Anime Artist. Traditional Realism Artist.

:damphyr: About me: I'm still somewhat new to the digital art community. Though, I plan to continue my efforts in learning all that I can, so that I can be an awesome Anime/ Manga artist too! I really enjoy writing and creating various types of art, and since manga pretty much combines them both… I’ve been working on my own comic (so, you can expect to see that from me one day). ;)

:damphyr: Things i enjoy:
:bulletwhite: Sleeping :bulletwhite: The Taste of Water :bulletwhite: Food! :chew: :bulletwhite: Being with my Friends :bulletwhite: Shopping :bulletwhite: Drawing :bulletwhite: Writing :bulletwhite: Coloring in a Coloring Book Sometimes :bulletwhite: Daydreaming (my best ideas come from this) :bulletwhite: Swimming :bulletwhite: Traveling :bulletwhite: Solitude :bulletwhite: Trying to cook (though I’m terrible at it) :bulletwhite: Singing (not good at this either) :bulletwhite: Chatting Online :typerhappy: :bulletwhite: Creating Random Stuff

:damphyr: Lastly, Since you’re here, you must be an anime fan as well? So, hey fellow anime lover! Always feel free to note me about anything because I’m sweet and love chatting with you guys! :cuddle: Especially when it's anime related! ^^

Follow Me on Twitter

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 10:23 AM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal


Ah, I remember when I had a personal Twitter. I loved how twitter was set up, but I never really knew what to post for my fellow peers and neither did I like to read what they were doing every moment of the day... haha :D

But, I've decided to try the "Twitter Experience" out again, and this time focused on my online "social" side! I think it'll be way more fun and even "purposeful" this way! ^^ I enjoy seeing fellow artist and writers thoughts and post, so why not!? I'd like you all to see  my thoughts and such in this area as well! 

So, I've made a twitter @herandart (do you guys like that name, haha I love it!) So follow me if you have a twitter! 
I'll be following back most of you all! If it's your personal life account, you'll have to tell me if you want me to follow back. I'm mostly following your art accounts. 

WHY Follow Me There, When I'm Here?: My twitter will focus on both my artist and writers life! I'll be posting a lot of stuff related to "Happy Yuri" (my manga), but I'll also post spontaneous art, and give you updates on how my novels I hope to self publish one day are coming along! It's a different experience there. :)

See me for the first time! Ah, goodness. ;p I did a poll awhile back asking if you like to see the artist behind the art.... Well, my profile picture on my twitter is of me. You can just take peekies there if you want to: I probably won't post a selfie here anytime soon. 

Thanks a ton if you follow me! Widening the horizon! 

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

Skin created by (c) r0se-designs

New Point Commission Info! [Open]

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 8:13 PM

Hey! Here's My Point Commission Information!

Bullet; Black  This journal will mostly contain examples, commish styles, and other info. Bullet; Black 

All of my prices however, are found in this picture here.
Star! My Commission Styles by purplemusic-B-oxStar! 
[They're displayed in the artist's comment area including various prices like: full shade, cell shade, and ect.]

Chibi Examples:

Full Shade (Style 1)-                                                 //Cell Shade (Style 2)-                                           //Colorful (Style 3)-
School in the Spring by purplemusic-B-ox//CM: Tiny Bree by purplemusic-B-oxThanks A Ton! by purplemusic-B-ox   //Little Chibi Wonder World by purplemusic-B-ox


No Examples Available (This is something I do though)

Chest Up:

(CM) Spoiled by purplemusic-B-ox CM: DW8 by purplemusic-B-ox

Waist Up:

CM: Miyuki worries too much by purplemusic-B-ox South baby by purplemusic-B-ox

Knee Up:

Yuri Loves her Best Friends by purplemusic-B-ox

Full Body:

Art Trade: Kisa by purplemusic-B-oxOC: Magical Girl by purplemusic-B-oxIntroducing Eri! by purplemusic-B-oxAnime Me: deviantID by purplemusic-B-ox

Examples w/ Detailed Background: 

Innocence and Cherry Blossoms by purplemusic-B-ox  Rapunzel and the Lanterns by purplemusic-B-ox  Holiday Delivery by purplemusic-B-ox 

 Toady! Along the shore. by purplemusic-B-ox  Outside Sitting by purplemusic-B-ox

My Dos and Don'ts

Alright, So here's what "I do:"

:bulletgreen: Original Characters 
:bulletgreen: Fanarts (80 points extra) 
:bulletgreen: Both Girls and Guys (Specialty: Girls)
:bulletgreen: Romantic Situations, but not Hentai 
:bulletgreen: Chibis

Now, the things "I don't do:"

:bulletred: Anthro
:bulletred: Hentai or too Ecchi 
:bulletred: Yaoi (ask me about yuri)
:bulletred: Mechas 
:bulletred: Monsters (If it's a simple one, or human like one... I may can.) 
:bulletred: Buildings nor Vehicles

If you need more details on this, just ask. I'll let you know if I can do it.


How To Commission Me? Note Me with This Form:

Your dA Name: 
Amount of Characters You Want Drawn and their Name(s):
References. Link(s) to Character(s): 
Size? (full body, chibi, waist up, ect):
Style # (refer to this example:…: 
BG Type?: Transparent (Free) ; Simple ($1/80 points) ; Detailed (Varies from $5+/400 points+)

Extra: [Maybe you'd like to give me personality descriptions, or pacific details, poses, ect.]
Are You My Watcher: Yes/ No
Final Price: *I will fill this in.

damphyr Payment: I prefer people to go ahead and pay me in full. But, if you choose to not pay in full, then you must pay 25% to get me started. Before I post it, 75% must be payed (that's an additional 50% from the first payment), and the last 25% can be received whenever possible. (Please do not wait too long.) If you're paying in these fragments, just know that the full commish price can be paid soon as you'd like or possible.

damphyr I don't do deadlines since RL interferes with things. But, I can give you an expected date. But, I assure you, I'll be trying to get your art to you asap!

damphyr I do not have a limit on how many commissions I'll do. Just note me and I'll most likely accept your commission, or at least tell you what position you're in on my working list. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Okay, now for Information You May Want to Know!:

-About Poses :bulletpurple: I'm pretty lenient with sitting poses. Some of them are easier than others, so here how I'll go about charging them. (This is only if you have a specific pose btw.) But ones where the person is sitting on the ground, mainly with legs tucked under them..…… They'll be equivalent to Knee Up commissions. Other sitting positions where the legs are fully revealed… (This includes sitting in chairs, and on surfaces too) , will be considered full body.

-About Fanart :bulletpurple: Fanart is 80 points more. Simply because I have to draw an idea that's not yours, and I'm not completely a fan of doing that. Fanarts are the only pictures that I upload with dA's watermark as well. (My signature is in all photos.)

-About Yuri and Yaoi :bulletpurple: I do draw yuri, but it has to be cutesy yuri. Nothing ecchi, or too suggestive, but it can look and give you the feel that they're a couple. Ah, this is a little hard to explain. ^^ But if you have a question about it, just ask. I'll tell you if I will or won't do it. I don't draw yaoi though. (I do like yaoi... I just can't bring myself to draw it yet, sorry.)

-About Extra stuff in pictures :bulletpurple: Pets are free. If there's more than two though, then I'll charge. But, the small Chibis that hang around humans (please tell me if you know the real name for them) are 40 points extra because they take an amount of work too, due to their amount of detail. Swords and other props are free.

:bulletpurple: Watchers get 20 points off of anything over 100 points. :aww:

(You have to have been my watcher for at least a month though.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Rose Thanks to anyone who commissions me! Also those who've cm in the past! Hug 

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